At fabdog® we spend a serious amount of time looking at adorable pictures of dogs on the Internet. It’s too easy to get sucked into a blackhole of cute puppies on Instagram and lose hours of your life you will never get back, the struggle is so real . But let’s face it: dogs > people basically always, so it’s a joy to live in a world where dogs may soon outnumber people (even if it’s just on Instagram).

Just in case you don’t already follow enough adorable dogs on Instagram, we’re here to help you. While there’s definitely a plethora of dogs who have hit dog-celebrity status on Instagram who you can follow (and probably already do) – those dogs all had to start somewhere. We’ve rounded up a list of 21 of the cutest *totally underrated* dogs who are totes worth a follow based on their aww-factor. Go show them some love.

1. @remi_the_teddy

I believe I can fly ?✨??

A photo posted by Remi Bear (@remi_the_teddy) on


2. @lolabeingcute

Dogzilla #lolabeingcute

A photo posted by Lola (@lolabeingcute) on



Is it the weekend yet?? ?? #tgif #ourlifewithindie

A photo posted by Indie ? (@lifewithindie) on


4. @weeny_or_not

I would love to be the #nexttopdogmodel ! And so here's my entry??

A photo posted by Two Waggerific Tails??❤️ (@weeny_or_not) on


5. @theadventuresofarrow

Skeptical. ? #theadventuresofarrow

A photo posted by Arrow (@theadventuresofarrow) on




7. @winstonlefrenchie

When lounging with humans, always flatter them with imitation for extra butt scratches??? #armrest #twinning

A photo posted by ?? S i r W i n s t o n ?? (@winstonlefrenchie) on


8. @pepitherescue

Pepi's most useful trick "watch me." Yes. He has gold nails! ? #paws4thanks @unleashedbypetco

A photo posted by Pepi (@pepitherescue) on


9. @maddformaddy


10. @busterthemutt


11. @shibanoodle

Excuse me sir, is this seat taken?

A photo posted by Noodle ??? (@shibanoodle) on


12. @theamazingparkerpug

Hey. Hey you. It's Friday.

A photo posted by Parker The Pug (@theamazingparkerpug) on


13. @wrigley_the_goldendoodle

Just a little breezy today.

A photo posted by Wrigley (@wrigley_the_goldendoodle) on


14. @hugo_dachsund


15. @winston_murphy

Scholarly gentleman ??#hittingthebooks

A photo posted by Winston Murphy (@winston_murphy) on


16. @ethels_adventures


17. @amorapugfofa


18. @ali_and_scrappy

#australianshepherdpuppy #australiancattledog #cutepuppies #cutepup #paws #blueeyes #aussylife #australiandogs

A photo posted by Australian Sheppard (@ali_and_scrappy) on


19. @sippinonbeau




21. @barksthepom

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