While 2016 is being considered “the worst year ever,” upon reflection we can’t honestly say that it was all bad. After all, you have to try to look on the bright side right? While we may have lost far too many stars and childhood heroes this year, plenty of precious and heartwarming puppies joined the world in 2016 – bringing much needed joy in these dark dark times. So if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s just how important adorable pictures of dogs are to keep our spirits up. In fact, we’re declaring that 2016 has officially gone to the dogs (arguably the only thing that made this year truly worthwhile).

From dogs in hilarious costumes, to dogs lusting over bacon and pizza, canines all over the Internet have successfully managed to captivate our hearts this year – and we won’t fight it. Our New Year’s Resolution for 2017? More cute dogs please.

Take a look at our recap of 26 of the cutest dog Instagram pics from 2016.

(Presented in no particular rank or order*).

1. @rambothepuppy

2. @pugloulou

Hello October 🍁 Can't wait until I can dress up for Halloween already! 🎃

A photo posted by Loulou the Pug (@pugloulou) on

3. @oscarfrenchienyc

Do we really need to wait until Thursday??? 🍴🍗🦃😋 #GatherAround

A photo posted by Oscar (@oscarfrenchienyc) on

4. @toby_littledude

5. @thatgoldendog

6. @theadventuresofhoney

7. @chloekardoggian

8. @mochiandthecity

Who needs a snuggle buddy? 🙋🏼

A photo posted by MOCHI | NYC dog model (@mochiandthecity) on

9. @harlowandsage

Holiday Hangover

A photo posted by Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese (@harlowandsage) on

10. @toro.the.corgi

I hate looking this perfect. #TBT #8Weeks

A photo posted by Toro (@toro.the.corgi) on

11. @remixthedog

The Pupster life chose me.

A photo posted by Remix the Dog (@remixthedog) on

12. @bingandwalter

Pizza and I go way back 🍕

A photo posted by BING & WALTER (@bingandwalter) on

13. @louis.yorkie

Mother, may we go for a walk? 🍁🍂😬 #prettyplease

A photo posted by l o u i s (@louis.yorkie) on

14. @cruzthefrenchie

15. @popeyethefoodie

16. @crusoe_dachshund

"Do you think Mum will notice me here?!" ~ Crusoe Don't miss the video of this in my Instagram Story!

A photo posted by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund (@crusoe_dachshund) on

17. @itskonabear

May I help you??

A photo posted by Hi I'm Kona 🎀 (@itskonabear) on

18. @cockapoohbear

19. @ollievuesomuch

High five for Sundays! Well…you know..my elbow. 👌🏻👍🏻

A photo posted by Ollie Vue The 3 Legged Golden (@ollievuesomuch) on

20. @the_3_weenies

Saturday's are for snoozin'😴😴 ————————————————– #the_3_weenies #throwback

A photo posted by Winston, Finley And Theodore (@the_3_weenies) on

21. @ellabeanthedog

just a few souvenirs. 🇮🇹 #jetsetbean // more vacay on 👻: ellabeanthedog

A photo posted by ella bean (@ellabeanthedog) on

22. @brussels.sprout

23. @teddygramnyc

24. @lacorgi

The Corgift is coming to town. 🎁

A photo posted by Geordi La Corgi (@lacorgi) on

25. @oliverhemsworth

#tbt to my mom's favorite baby photo of me. just a little puppers in a big field of 💐🌺🌸🌼 #oliveverwanted

A photo posted by Oliver the Labradoodle (@oliverhemsworth) on

26. @goldenmase

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