Vizslas (also known as Hungarian Pointers) are a medium-sized hunting breed that originated in Hungary. They are known for being affectionate, highly energetic, and overwhelmingly gentle and caring canine companions. In fact, they are so loyal that they have been referred to as “velcro” dogs as a result of their intense loyalty and attachment to their owners. They are exceptional pointers as well as retrievers, and like all hunting dogs they require a lot of exercise to remain happy and healthy.

Beyond their loyal temperament, Vizslas are also one of the most regal looking dog breeds in the world. It’s this unique mix of characteristics that have led Vizslas to become the 33rd most popular dog breed in the United States since they arrived here in 1950.

Check out these photos and you’ll quickly understand why we just aren’t worthy of Vizslas.

1. You rang?

2. Just majestically sitting atop a mountain.

3. Need a therapist? This Vizsla is here to listen.

Time to get serious 🤓

A photo posted by Django The Adventure Dog (@thelifeofdjango) on

4. Classic outdoorsy snow shot.

Saturday + snow = 👌🏽

A photo posted by D U M B 0 (@dumbothevizsla) on

5. So much poise in this pose.

Will pose for bacon.

A photo posted by 💙Blue The Red Pup💙 (@bluetheredpup) on

6. Vizsla on the hunt.

7. So patient, so kind.

8. Elegant, but also understated.

9. Majestic even while sleeping.

Don't you just hate when you fall asleep sitting like the peoples? #princesspoco #gohomepocoyouredrunk

A photo posted by Islay and Poco (@islayandpoco) on

10. Just being regal at the beach.

11. Ready to find some quail.

12. Just hanging out.

Woof patrol 🐾 #pawtectandserve

A photo posted by Gus the Vizsla 🐶 (@gus_gus_goof) on

13. A natural sport in the water.

#vizsla #vizslasofinstagram

A photo posted by Maya 🐶 (@mayathevizsla) on

14. Connecting with nature.

ihanaa juhannusta 💛 #happy #midsummer #flowergirl #dogstagram #vizsla

A photo posted by Sofi (@sofikorppila) on

15. Taking it all in.

Finally got to see the Vedder River! Can't believe this whole place is named after me! 🐶🐾#vedderriver #beautifulbc #canada

A photo posted by Vedder Wandelaar (Hiker) (@vedder_vizsla) on

16. Who said fetch isn’t a thing?

Frolicking in the foliage 🍂🤗

A photo posted by Bronson • Aria 🐶🐾🇺🇸 (@bronsonvizsla) on

17. Effortlessly cool.

18. A natural leader.

19. I mean, look at this posture.

20. Pensive, yet also pretty.

The side headshot 🐶

A photo posted by Vizsla_cleo (@vizsla_cleo) on

21. Nature’s calling.

22. But first: cuddles.

Owners are up and at the door ready for a walk and Maple's like…. 💤

A photo posted by Maple (@maple_the_vizsla) on

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