Today’s #DogOfTheDay is the 12th most popular dog breed in the U.S. – yep, you guessed it: the Siberian Husky. Originating in Siberia, Russia, this breed (which descended from the original sled dog) is known for their thickly furred double coat, which they developed to protect against harsh Arctic winters (their impressive coats also reflect reflect heat during the summer).

Siberian Huskies are known for their “loyal, mischievous, and outgoing” personalities. These wolf-like dogs also commonly have Heterochromia (two differently colored eyes) which only adds to their badass look. Keeping in line with their wolf-like appearance, Huskies generally howl instead of bark, and are known as escape artists for their ability to dig under or jump over fences – even clearing fences that are 8 feet high. They are great with children, and are described as “friendly, gentle, dignified, and alert” but “not aggressive” according to the American Kennel Club.

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Let their wolf-like beauty dazzle your daily feed and appreciate the wonder of this popular breed…

1. @maruhusky

2. @thathikinghusky

3. @spoiledhusky

It's Friday and month end. Let's go party! ________________ Kenai, 75 days

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Selfie. #babydakotablue

A photo posted by Dakota The Red Siberian Husky ( on

5. @lilothehusky

The perfect models for any camera lens❤📸 #liloandrosie

A photo posted by 🐕Lilo 🐕Infinity & 🐈Rosie (@lilothehusky) on

6. @maska_the_husky

May your coffee be strong & your Monday be short! 🐾 ❤️ 😍 😂 #motivationmonday

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7. @husky_named_rokee

8. @misty_thehusky

9. @koda_siberian_husky

10. @kuma_thehuskybear


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11. @loki_the_wolfdog

"Earth laughs in flowers." -Emerson

A photo posted by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on

12. @thenortherndogs

13. @huskynovamay

14. @huskytwins

Happy #WhiteHuskyWednesday! 🐶🐾 – -Use hashtag #WhiteHusky_Wednesday to be featured! 😎

A photo posted by Kiba & Korra 🐶 (@huskytwins) on

15. @navas_huskies

Watcha got there Jonhhy? Pizza? Careful you don't drop it…

A photo posted by Sully Navas (@navas_huskies) on

16. @charlieandkoda

Happy boy 💙🐾

A photo posted by Charlie And Dakota (@charlieandkoda) on

17. @pupnamedpascal

Happy Easter Everybunny 🐰

A photo posted by Pascal (The Husky) (@pupnamedpascal) on

18. @iheartmiles

Mommy's favorite Christmas present. 🎁 #Meeee #iheartmiles

A photo posted by Miles Jacob (@iheartmiles) on

19. @borisandtasha

20. @ginn_husky

🍪C is for cookie, that's good enough for us😋 Happy Friday💛 #iPhoneOnly ______________

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