You may be affected by the phenomenon, known as “Resting Bitch Face” (commonly referred to as RBF), if you have ever found yourself uttering the words:

I’m not mad, that’s just how my face is.”

It turns out that RBF is not something unique to humans. Dogs can, in fact, also suffer from RBF Syndrome. Though not all those who have RBF would call it “suffering.” Instead, many folks have found a way to embrace the fact that their natural relaxed expression looks annoyed or judgmental. Since the liberation of individuals suffering from RBF emerged, RBF is no longer being shamed, but embraced by many – and that goes for humans and dogs alike. ‘Aint no shame in the sassy face game.

If you have RBF, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

These dogs with RBF are here to relate to you on a spiritual level.

1. @bingandwalter

The Bad boy of Fashion 👕: @fabdog

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2. @inu_yokoi

3. @cousinclovis

4. @affenandthegriffs

The three B's say,"Who?! What?! Trouble?…not us!" @danzigbros #doggydaycare

A post shared by Slater, Belvie & Punky (@affenandthegriffs) on

5. @frenchbulldog_frederic

Yay! Mummy is home! What does she mean by, "what are we going to do with you Fred"??? 😁😇

A post shared by Frederic Stack 🐾 (@frenchbulldog_frederic) on

6. @winston_stinkeyeking

Seriously? #stinkeye #grumpydog #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #dogsofinsta

A post shared by Winston, Stink-Eye King (@winston_stinkeyeking) on

7. @grumpygremlinqueen

8. @earlthegrump

In the #water or out the water, either way life is #miserable. #EarlWorldProblems

A post shared by Earl (@earlthegrump) on

9. @ladytakesmanhattan

10. @sweet_einstein

11. @kaylacherise94

….until he realized water makes you wet #madhusky

A post shared by Kayla Davis (@kaylacherise94) on

12. @bluetheredpup

The stuff I put up with 😒

A post shared by 💙Blue The Red Pup💙 (@bluetheredpup) on

13. @annabelmottram

It's time for your bath piggg 🛀🏻 #pig #frenchbulldog #notimpressed 😆 giving it the side eye 👀

A post shared by Annabel Mottram (@annabelmottram) on

14. @pawsome_jos

15. @adventures_of_doug_and_lola

16. @brussels.sprout

This is the Magnificent Mile. So we are told.

A post shared by Sprout (@brussels.sprout) on

17. @everybodylovessausage

Not sure of I want to go out And wish I was home… Or stay in and wish I was out…🤔 #decisions #fridaynight

A post shared by Sausage AKA "Soss" (@everybodylovessausage) on

18. @s2acyfac3

#grumpypug #grumpydog #pugsofinstagram #pug #puglife #jackjones #modellife

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