Ireland is known for many things, but oft-overlooked is the majestic Irish Setter. Also known as “Red Setters,” these beauties are known for their unique mahogany coats. Officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1878, the Irish Setter is described as “active, outgoing, and sweet-natured.” They are skilled bird dogs, and are formidable in size – standing over two feet tall at the shoulder.

Though they are a boisterous and high-energy breed, and swift-moving in the field, they are lovable and highly trainable companions in the home.

Check out these photos that prove that Irish Setters are truly majestic AF.

1. @dogsbestman

Max the Irish Setter 🍀

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Let your inner goddess out 😬 #whiskerwednesday

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Its a Queen look kind of day 💁👑

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4. @copper_theirishsetter

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The best therapist has fur and four legs

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6. @irishsetter_maui

7. @the_irish_setter_boys

It's the weekend, let's hit the beach!

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8. @trixietheirishsetter

9. @brodieirishsetter

10. @a_life_of_riley

11. @sally_thesetter


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12. @leeseander

My sweetheart Oona Khan, the curse of the moorlands ❤#irishsetters #irishsettersofinstagram

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13. @wonderwatkins1

Gem mid bird hunting #point #dog #irishsetter

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14. @piratesandpixies

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I haven't tried the pose for my career in a long time, but I remembered how to look handsome 😏😎

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🐶👀 #dogstagram #puppy #huntingdog #irishsetter #settersofnorway #settersofinstagram #dog

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