Hipsters usually get a bad rap. The term hipster is often used as a negative word to describe someone who is “pretentious” or “overly trendy.” In enclaves all over the country – from Brooklyn to Austin, to Seattle, and Portland – you can find hipsters proudly drinking organic vegan gluten free fair trade non-GMO $20 lattes while donning tattered rags that look like they’re from Goodwill but in reality cost them $279 at their local Urban Outfitters. But hipsters aren’t ALL bad. Most hipsters reach their peak-hipster in their early to mid-20s and then normalize in their 30s and blossom into full blown adults living off of paychecks of their own rather than their parents. In the meantime, hipsters will always remain cool (at least amongst themselves) because they don’t give a damn whether you think they are cool or not.

Many dogs have taken notice. It’s no surprise that dogs in hipster neighborhoods everywhere have also begun to embrace their own inner-hipster. These hipster dogs have bravely refused to maintain the status quo. Who needs to be a “good boy” and listen to “the man” tell you when you can have treats? As if. Instead, these hounds are all about conforming with the non-conformists. So don’t be surprised if you see these pups walking their humans rather than the other way around. And don’t even approach them with a treat unless it’s 100% organic vegan and gluten free (for your own safety).

Check out these hipster hounds below & give ’em a follow on Insta if you dig their style.

1. @hillaryclinton_bk


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2. @thegoodboy.de

3. @goliath_the_sausagedog

Manbun ✌🏼️ #goliath #dogbun Tag me in any pictures you see that didn't give me credit please 😘

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4. @remixthedog

Sporting my Canadian Tuxedo 😎 #denim 📸: @hipster

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5. @poochofnyc

"We build too many walls and not enough bridges 🌉 – Isaac Newton." #seeyourcity 👀 #dumbo #sundayvibes 😎#agadorable 🦁

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6. @citydogaustin

7. @liketheguysname

8. @sailordoodle

Flower fur-child 🌸

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9. @bingandwalter

The Epitome of Cool

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10. @lildogbigcity

ISO a date for Saturday night. 😘❤🕺🏻 . . #datenight #saturdaynight

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11. @neilpatbg

What? Just cuz I gotta be at work doesn't mean I can't still wear these #jammies #itissaturday #justbehappyimhere —NPH

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12. @toby_littledude

A sense of humor makes a man handsome.

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13. @bingandwalter

Playing it cool

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14. @oscarfrenchienyc

3 days until Valentines….. and I still need a date. 😌🌹

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