April showers bring may flowers! And it’s easy feel a bit blue when it’s grey & rainy outside. Thankfully, these dogs are here to help.

Perhaps the silver lining of rainy season is seeing big dogs and small dogs alike running around and splashing in puddles much to the chagrin of their owners. But nothing makes it cuter than seeing a dog donning a bright raincoat. If you’ve ever seen a dog shake it out when they get home after a walk in the rain, you know how little dogs care for having water in their coats. And don’t even get us started on that lovely wet dog smell…

So break out the raincoats & umbrellas, and put on a smile! These dogs are here to remind you that you can turn any rainy situation into a stylish one (especially if you have a travel raincoat with you)!

Take it from them, rain is no excuse not to look & feel completely fabulous.

1. @oscarfrenchienyc | fabdog® Yellow Argyle Travel Packaway Raincoat

Let's go dancing and singing in the rain. ☔️☔️☔️ ••• Raincoat by @fabdoginc

A post shared by Oscar (@oscarfrenchienyc) on

2. @charliedr | fabdog® Green Cherry Travel Packaway Raincoat

Paisley wearing her new @fabdoginc rain jacket and wondering where all the chipmunks went today.

A post shared by Charlie (@charliedr) on

3. @goldenpoodlesquared | fabdog® Navy Argyle Travel Packaway Raincoat

It's raining #catsanddogs outside, but we dry in our @fabdoginc raincoats! #cantstopwontstop 😝

A post shared by Sarah and Olive (@goldenpoodlesquared) on

4. @princesslayla_thefrenchie | fabdog® Pink Girlie Skull Travel Packaway Raincoat

5. @theodoodlebear | fabdog® Slate Waxed Utility Coat

Conquering the concrete jungle 😎 @fabdoginc @barkshop #stylin #dogclothes #puppyeyes

A post shared by T H E O the mini goldendoodle (@theodoodlebear) on

6. @westonthefrenchie | fabdog® Yellow Argyle Packaway Raincoat

7. @peanutbutter_skippy | fabdog® Navy Argyle Packaway Raincoat

8. @charliethehotdiggitydog | fabdog® Taupe Waxed Utility Coat

Welcome back, Friday! We've been waiting on you since Monday! 😊#fridayface #weekendready #fabdog #smilingdog

A post shared by CHARLIE | Teacup Human (@charliethehotdiggitydog) on

9. @pittierue | fabdog® Green Cherry Packaway Raincoat

🌦Mornin' friends! #adventuretime #pittierue #rescuepup #fabdogofthemonth

A post shared by Rue 💗 (@pittierue) on

10. @frankiefrenchbully | fabdog® Black Waxed Utility Coat

11. @yuki_shishi | fabdog® Yellow Argyle Packaway Raincoat

12. @parkersfabulouslife | fabdog® Slate Waxed Utility Coat

13. @unleashed_life_style | fabdog® Yellow Argyle Packaway Raincoat

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