Known as “The American Gentleman,” Boston Terriers have been breaking hearts and taking names even before it was officially recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1893. Due in part to their friendly and amusing nature, Boston Terriers are currently ranked the 21st most popular breed in the U.S. according to the AKC. They are also the official state dog of Massachusetts.

Sometimes mistaken as French Bulldogs, Bostons and Frenchies have similar features and shape due to their common ancestor the English Bulldog. However Boston Terriers are longer-legged and have a more athletic in appearance than Frenchies. When in doubt, just think Boston and think north. The Boston’s tall pointed ears will point you north in their direction, so you’ll always know how to spot them.

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1. @rubylovethebostonterrier

licking forward to the weekend 💋 #itsourfriday #perrypuppies #bostonterrier

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2. @sparky_m5

#TongueOutTuesday ☺️🐶 belly rubs will have you making crazy faces #TOT #Tuesday #Terrier #BostonTerrier #InstaPup #DailyDog #PupsOfIg

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3. @elliottheboston

Throwback to a few months ago when I tried to teach myself how to fly down the stairs. It did not end well.

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4. @bostwins

5. @yoshi__puppy

P U P P Y D A Y S 🐾

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6. @mickygoma

7. @archiboldwilliams

8. @bostonterrieroverload

Happy 3rd Birthday to my best friend Lance! One thing that makes him so special to me, is that he has the same Birthday as me!

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9. @macbostonterrier

10. @duffy_boston_terrier

#box 😑

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11. @gatsbagram

⚡️Shocking. #dogsofinstagram #dogsofig #bostonterrier

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13. @threelittlebostons

14. @iammylo

Is it Friyay already???? 😳😱🐶👻 Happy Weekend everyone!!! 😁😎😍

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15. @wally_the_boston

16. @rudeboy_rb

❤️🐾 #streetart @aaronkkai #art #sunday #november6 ©2016 @rudeboy_rb #rudeboy #rudeboyrb

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17. @bostonterriermaverick

18. @bostonterrierpuppy

Morning snuggles #Perritos ➡️FOLLOW➡️ @bostonterrierbeau

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