Spring is in full bloom which means it’s time to break out the bunny ears! Whether you are spending Easter with your family or just enjoying a relaxing sunny Sunday in spring, it’s simply impossible to deny how cute dogs look with bunny ears on.

Whether Frenchie, Golden Retriever, Westie, or Pug – these dogs donning their bunny costumes on the prowl for brightly colored eggs are sure to put a smile on your face. Of course, not all Easter dogs are created equal, some take their responsibilities very seriously!

Take a look at these dogs who are definitely giving the Easter Bunny a run for its money.

Dog or bunny? You be the judge.

1. @lola.b.bostonandfamily

2. @bbgirrrldog

3. @zoereagan

Happy Easter from our Peeps to yours!!

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4. @willow.the.cavoodle

5. @thatgoldendoodle

3 weeks till Easter… Anybunny eggcited?!? #badpuns

A post shared by That Goldendoodle Murphy (@thatgoldendoodle) on

6. @riley_thecockapoo

#TBT To my first Easter egg hunt.. Where everything was rigged because I couldn't open the damn eggs. 🐰😂 #nothumbs #fluffball

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7. @lepierre_lefrenchie

Easter treats mom!! Where are they!

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8. @_zoethefrenchie_

Happy Easter everyone! 🐰 Sending much love from our family to yours!

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9. @minniedoodle

This little bunny hopes you all have a wonderful Easter! 🐰

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10. @pugloulou

Happy Easter! 🐰🐣💗

A post shared by Loulou the Pug (@pugloulou) on

11. @goldenmase

I found a bunny in my house today. Weird thing is, he barked? 🐶🐰

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12. @penelope_the_frenchfry

13. @thegoldensrule

14. @theadventuresofhoney

15. @thehandsomeniko

16. @triplettfamilydentistry

17. @westies_boatsman_and_henry

18. @ayacohagi

19. @thedailywalter

GRUMPY. BUNNY. swipe to see what i did to the bunny ears! 🤣🐰🐣 #happyeaster everyone! 💖

A post shared by Walter Cronkite (@thedailywalter) on

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