It’s hard to find a cuter dynamic than dogs and babies. For most fur-parents, dogs are their children. So for new parents, bringing a baby into the mix is certainly a huge change for everyone in the family. Especially so for the family dog…

And while one may be concerned that dogs won’t understand how fragile babies are, or they won’t know how to act around them, alas, dogs never cease to find new ways to constantly amaze us! Rather than be jealous of this new little creature who takes up their parents’ total attention, many dogs instinctually form an bond with babies stronger than one could even imagine. They protect them as if they were members of the same wolf pack. And these lucky babies get to grow up with a loyal and caring best friend that is both protective and impossibly cuddly. There’s nothing better than a nap buddy!

If you need a little heartwarming today, just take a look at these photos that prove that dogs & babies are basically the definition of friendship goals. There is no happiness purer than that of little kids and dogs.
Best friends fur-ever.

1. @simba_and_myra

2. @bearfromvancouver

Nobody snugs like these two 👶🏻 🐶 💕 #coonhoundsofinstagram #coonhound #dogsofinstgram #dogs #dogsandbabies

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3. @jennielee_h

Kenzie keeping her baby sis company #fursiblings #dogsandbabies #taylarraeguy 🐕👶🏻

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4. @whiskey_the_poodle

Keeping Ezra asleep #poodlesofinstagram #poodlesandbabies #poodlesandkids #dogsandbabies #poodlelife #toypoodle

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5. @rkbennett_

6. @chihuahua.dobby

7. @vibeke1984

8. @thormaximus_dogofthunder

Morning breath check. 👶🏻✔️

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9. @lifeofladylibs

10. @cypressandolive

11. @twopugs_and_twomutts

12. @scoutandabout_goldendoodle

13. @frenchbulldog_dino

14. @hollywogdog

#tummytime with my baby sister. Good job, hairless puppy!

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15. @jhollyportillo

16. @the_shiba_mogu

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