Meet Loulou the Pug.

Loulou is a vivacious 2-year-old Pug from the Netherlands with a rapidly growing fanbase on Instagram… and after checking out her Instagram, it’s no surprise why!

Loulou is absolutely living her best Pug life right now. So we reached out to her Dog Momager, Emma Cornelissen, to find out more about Loulou’s life behind the scenes and learn some fun facts about this Instagram Pug Queen. Check out these 18 reasons you should totally be following @Pugloulou on Instagram right now!

1. She’s just a smalltown Pug!

Loulou lives in a small village in the Netherlands. According to Emma, once she saw Loulou as a little Pug puppy, she instantly fell in love.

Happy gal 🌸✌🏻️

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“Little did I know, that one year later Loulou would be kind of a big deal on Instagram and that I would be a full-time Momager! I never was anyone who liked being in the spotlights, I am just a regular person who also lives in a small and unknown village. But we both love it so much what we’re doing now, even though Loulou has no idea that people are so crazy about her!”

2. Loulou is obsessed with food.

Her “number one FAVORITE thing to do” is eat. “Loulou is a food-machine and will literally eat anything that is edible (or not-edible..). To keep her healthy and to maintain her weight, we give her fruits and vegetables during the day. She will go absolutely wild for cucumber and watermelon!”

3. Loulou is all about hanging out in her onesies.

Yesterday it was National Napping Day and since I missed it, I'm going to take lots of extra naps today. 😬💤

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“Loulou is a lap dog. Whether it is burning hot outside, she still wants to sit or lie on your (super warm!!) lap.”

4. Seriously, she LOVES PJs.

New year, same lazy me 🐥

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5. She’s also a total goofball.

WHAT? It's Friday already?!

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6. She’s got a thing with licking…

“Pug owners also call it “excessive licking”. Just reach out your hand to her and she will lick it for 30 minutes straight if you don’t stop her. She also licks your face, arms, legs and even the air!”

7. She fully embraces her inner nerd.

Some will say that I'm a Hufflepug, but I solemnly swear I'm just as brave as Harry Pugger ⚡️

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Hello Harry Pawter.

8. What does a typical day look like for this Instagram star?

Happiness is.. doing nothing all day long. Hooray for lazy Sundays! 🙃☕️

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“Loulou basically has the perfect pug life. She wakes up around 7:30 AM in her crate and I’ll take her to do her ‘business’. After that, she’ll get her breakfast and she will snore like a real lady until 10 AM, because then it’s time for her favorite snack: cucumber! After that she usually sleeps, or plays around in the backyard. We’ll take her for another walk and then later in the afternoon I will be snapping some pictures for her Instagram, she loves to pose and getting treats for it makes it even better! Around 7 PM she get’s her final meal for the day, and after that she’ll start switching off and snore on my lap for the rest of the evening.” Ruff life!

9. Mostly though.. she’s just about that nap life.

Blue Monday snuggles 🐖🌧

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10. Watching TV is her guilty pleasure.

"U ready for a huge marathon tonight?"🍿

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“Loulou loves to watch TV while she’s lying on my lap or on the couch. It’s all fun, until an animal appears on the screen. She of course get’s all angry and wants to chase them, but they’re nowhere to be found in our house!”

11. 2 words: pug. rolls.

There's nothing better than a good head massage 💆🏻✨

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12. She has cute Pug friends. (#squadgoals)

Emma describes Loulou as “a very modest dog.” She will play with any dog, and she has no problem sharing her toys and treats with anyone or any dog in need. Loulou has no idea how famous she is, which helps her stay so humble.

13. She’s also the life of her own party.

14. Did we mention how much she loves napping?

Can't I just sleep until the weekend? 🐻💤

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15. Baths though? Not so much.

Rubber duckie, you're the one You make bath time a little more fun 🐥💕

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16. She’s actually very active.

D🍩NUT kill my vibe 🙌🏻☀️

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“Despite that Loulou can be SUPER lazy (it’s a pug thing), she’s also very active. She runs very, very fast (just as fast as her feisty Jack Russel-nephew). Also, when we’re goofing around a little bit, she likes to do zoomies on the bed! She’s also a great swimmer…”

17. She is all about dressing up.

Hello October 🍁 Can't wait until I can dress up for Halloween already! 🎃

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18. And she really loves Christmas.

Christmas 2016 is a wrap! I hope your Holidays were sweet! 🍭🎅🏼❤

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Like a lot. She has so many Christmas outfits that it gives us actual life!

At the end of the day, she just loves to make people smile..

Peek-a-Boo 🐻

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When asked what the most rewarding part about Loulou’s growing Instagram fame and fanbase, Emma said it is without a doubt “receiving fan-art, reading comments and getting fan mail! I’m very grateful for that, and we’ll keep doing what we’re doing to make even more people smile!”

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