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A Definitive List of Dogs You Should Be Following on Snapchat

Everyone knows Snapchat is the sh*t, but celebrities like Kylie Jenner & DJ Khaled aren't the only ones crushing the Snapchat game! Not unlike on Instagram, dogs are taking over on Snapchat - and we are obsessed. Thanks to Snap we can get a sneak peek into the personalities and realtime adventures of our favorite dog stars.

27 Poodles & Doodles Who Are Here to Steal Your Heart

You might have a preconceived notion about poodles - a tall stuck-up prissy diva dog, with a huge poofy coat, maybe groomed to have those little pompoms at their ankles and tail? That's definitely what the prototypical poodle has been known, so you're not alone there! But guess what, poodles are so much more complex than that!

14 Dogs Who Are Totes Ready for April Showers in Their Fabulous Raincoats

"April showers bring May flowers..." As we say goodbye to March we find ourselves wondering what's more important when it's raining cats and dogs than having a raincoat your dog will actually wear?

17 Dogs Who May Actually Be the Easter Bunny

It's Easter weekend, and not only does that mean it's time to prep for Easter egg hunts, pastel colored eggs, and chocolate overload (if you're into that sort of thing, obv), but it also means it is time to see dogs in cute bunny ears giving the Easter Bunny a run for his money! (Hallelujah, right?)

Dog Products We Love: Spring 2016

Being in the dog industry for as long as we have at fabdog®, we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about quality dog products that dogs go crazy for. And with spring approaching, we are pretty pumped to pack away our sweaters and spring into warmer and brighter styles!

17 Dogs Who Are Totally Ready For St. Patrick’s Day

The countdown to St. Patrick’s Day is here! Many have been waiting on bated breath to pull out everything green they own to celebrate this wonderful holiday, whether a wee bit Irish or not at all, because as they say, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Accordingly, some dogs have already debuted their St. Patrick’s Day fashion, and we are loving it.