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18 Pics of Dogs in Pajamas That Will Surely Melt Your Heart

It’s hard to imagine that dogs could be even better cuddlebuddies than they already are. That is, until dog PJs happened. The only thing cuter than a fluffy furbaby snuggled up next to you on the couch or lathering you with wet smooches in the morning is your dog doing so in little doggie pawjamas. Dogs like comfort and style too! Just because your puppy has a nice coat of fluff doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the feeling of soft threads.

31 Dogs Who Take ‘Being Basic’ to the Next Level On Instagram

Warning: if you or someone you know is about that basic b*tch life (#BBL), then you will truly enjoy this listicle. Are your favorite hobbies Pure Barre, juice cleansing, and being in a perpetual state of somewhere between intoxicated, buzzed, and hungover at all times? Then yep, there’s an extremely high likelihood you are basic! Do you consider brunch the *only* meal worth living for? Okay, okay, then now we’re convinced…

11 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Valentines Than People

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, so begins the influx of engagement ring commercials telling you “Every Kiss Begins with….” (it doesn’t), and your Facebook feed becomes a string of mushy-gushy posts about how everyone is super happy in their relationships. Well, if you aren’t in one of those mushy-gushy relationships, or you don’t have a hot date lined up for this Valentine’s Day, do not fret. Well, that is, if you have a dog.

13 Dogs Who Prove Infinity Scarves Are So In Right Now

Unlike some recent trends (like the man bun craze), some style trends for humans can and totally should be beloved by dogs and their owners the world over. Case in point: the dog infinity scarf. Everyone knows that layering is the key to winter style. I mean, staying warm and looking good takes work. So here’s a pro tip: never underestimate the power of accessories. Chunky infinity scarves are the perfect way to bundle up by adding multiple layers where your winter coat may otherwise be letting in a draft. That’s the case for people fashion, but it is also the case for dogs as well! Why are infinity scarves the answer? This is an accessory that is not only easy to put on your dog, but stays on too.

22 of the Cutest French Bulldogs On Instagram

Do you have #FrenchieFever? Can you not even with how adorable their squishy little faces are?! Don't worry, you're not alone. Lately it seems like everywhere I turn, there's an adorable french bulldog waddling his way right into my heart. If you love these little nuggets as much we do..

21 Adorable Dogs Who Are Way More Excited For Snow Than You Are

While 2015 may have been the warmest year on record, that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of pictures of cute dogs playing in the snow on the Internet to remind us just how magical snow can be. As the East Coast prepares for this impending blizzard, what better way to mentally pup-pare yourself for the upcoming snowpocalypse than by looking at photos of adorable dogs who are SO excited to play in the snow they can hardly control themselves!