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The 20 Best Dog Halloween Costumes of 2016

Happy Halloween! For dogs (and their loyal humans), Halloween is not just an average holiday. Halloween is more like the Olympics for dogs - many compete, but only few can take home the gold. Or perhaps it's like the Oscars, many worthy performances are nominated, but there will always be a Meryl who takes it to the next level.

18 Pit Bulls You Should Follow On Instagram Right Now

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month, and October 22nd isNational Pit Bull Awareness Day! Both were created to change the negative perceptions about Pit Bulls and their responsible owners that stigmatize the breed. So in honor of Pit Bull Awareness, we're showing Pit Bulls some love.

20 Dogs on Instagram Who Are Defining Fall Fashion Right Now

Fall is in the air! What's more important than apple picking and Pumpkin Spice Lattes? How about the fact that it's finally time to break out your favorite fall clothing. From cozy flannels and scarves, to hoodie and sweater weather, it's hard to deny that fall fashion is the true champion of Autumn.

Happy Ending For Brady, Dog Rescued from Extreme Hoarding in New Jersey

This past June, 276 dogs were rescued from an extreme hoarding situation in Howell, New Jersey. A hoarding situation that the chief of law enforcement for the local SPCA described as, "one of the worst cases of dog hoarding" he'd ever seen.

35 Dogs Who Need To Find a Home This National Black Dog Day

October 1st is National Black Dog Day, which came about to bring awareness to the fact that black animals are the least adopted pets at animal shelters.

24 Golden Retrievers You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Let's be honest, nothing can instantly put a smile on your face quite like a fluffy Golden Retriever can. So, while the world is going to hell in a handbasket, what's more important than having some Goldens to lighten up your newsfeed and general outlook on things?